Your Winter Floor Guide

How to Look After Your Floor in Winter

It’s Winter and just like our bodies, our timber flooring becomes more dry and is susceptible to drying out, ageing and becoming less radiant. It is extremely important to care for your wooden floors during winter to ensure they last longer & look incredible at all times. If you are spending money on your space, prioritise after market care. Like all things, although good quality products last longer, the resilience and aesthetic appeal is dependent on the aftermarket maintenance. Look for companies which offer full-service maintenance plans, aftermarket care packages, and general experience with damaged flooring, in case of an emergency in the future. Here is our recommendations to keep your flooring looking beautiful in winter:

Flooring Cleaning Instructions

All wooden flooring should be swept, vacuumed and/or dust-mopped with a recommended hardwood floor cleaner regularly to remove dirt and grit. It is recommended to clean all flooring with a spray mop. The spray mop provides a damp mop application and should be used as it dispenses a very small amount of moisture and does not leave excess water behind which can affect the integrity of the floor

EVERY DAY: For every day cleaning use a dust mop, vacuum, and /or spray mop with pure water.

MONTHLY: Once a month using the spray mop, clean the floor with vesting Wax and clean. Mix a ratio of 1 to 30. (1 part wax and clean to 30 parts pure water)

EVERY 6 MONTHS: Every 6 months Vesting Maintenance oil can be easily DIY applied to the whole floor using a cloth. The maintenance oils need 6 hours to dry (no walking on the oiled floor) so it is advis- able to do this in stages or in the evening

DOCKS TANNIN REMOVER: Tannin remover removes dark stains caused by pets, rust and cementitious products such as cracker filler or tile grout. Please read the bottle for instructions on how to use.

DOCKS FLOOR SOAP: Is used for tough marks and spills. Please read the bottle for the instructions on how to use.

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