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Teak Flooring in South Africa: Why Choose Teak

Looking for the best Teak Flooring in South Africa? Get yours today from Zuberi Flooring in Johannesburg. Order yours now!

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Teak Flooring in Nairobi | Unveiling the Timeless Elegance of Teak

Are you looking to get teak Flooring in Nairobi? Look no further than Pride of Africa. We ship it worldwide.

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Community & Social Impact Award

It brings us great joy to announce that we have won an award for a cause which is so close to our hearts.

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Your Winter Floor Guide

It is extremely important to care for your wooden floors during winter to ensure they last longer & look incredible at all times. Read all about it.

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Measure Your Floor Like a Pro

Calculating the amount of flooring packs you will need for a room is a surprisingly easy task. Read more.

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