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About Pride Of Africa

Welcome to Pride of Africa, where our passion for flooring blends seamlessly with a commitment to quality, sustainability, and a warm, friendly touch. We’re not just another timber company; we’re a tightly-knit family that oversees every step, from the growth of our trees to the moment your floor is installed.

Our Journey: Where Tradition Meets Innovation

Since 2003, Pride of Africa has been more than a business—it’s a labor of love. We’ve cultivated a unique way of doing things, ensuring that every plank of teak originates from our very own Zimbabwean forestry concession. This integrated approach lets us guarantee the highest quality and sustainability while infusing the essence of African craftsmanship into each floorboard.

Unmatched Quality, Unbeatable Spirit

Our integrated process isn’t just a technicality; it’s the secret to our promise: excellent quality and prices that make you smile. By nurturing and harvesting our timber, we not only craft exceptional flooring but also nurture the land that sustains us. Our world-class timber reflects the impeccable craftsmanship and unbeatable value that defines the Pride of Africa spirit.

From Zimbabwe to the World: Sharing African Excellence

Though we’re rooted in Zimbabwe, our reach spans globally. Currently, our renowned Teak flooring and decking grace homes and businesses in over ten countries. Yet, in our global presence, we hold dear the values of a family-run enterprise, where every floorboard tells a story of dedication, passion and pride.

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Howard Mupamanda
Howard Mupamanda
It's a good place
Tana Walsh
Tana Walsh
Wonderful hard wood flooring. Super selection of styles and great service.
evelyn gondo
evelyn gondo
The quality of products is unparalleled. I felt like Alice in wonderland
Courtney Ashby
Courtney Ashby
Lovely staff and gorgeous flooring. Highly recommend them if you are looking to put hardwood flooring into your home, lodge or business 😊

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