Sustainability & Community Engagement

Sustainability Projects


Sustainable Forestry 

As a company we pride ourselves in our sustainability and environmental awareness. It is vitally important to us that we protect our forests for the future and ensure that they continue to thrive and grow. 

We follow strict procedures and protection policies when harvesting our trees ensuring that only trees of a certain size, that aren’t reproducing may be harvested. We also follow special regulations that quote a certain amount of trees per 100square meters, therefore after harvesting the area remains dense.  

As well as following these regulations we drop seed balls which are seeds from our trees, rolled in clay and ash, creating a perfect place for saplings to grow. These balls are hand made by the locals in return for payment and therefore saves the future forests of Zimbabwe while empowering the people. 

The Bee Project

Our Bee Project is an initiative that is dedicated to the conservation and proliferation of bee populations within the rich ecosystems of our Nkayi Mill and the surrounding lush forests. The core objective of our Bee Project is to establish a network of strategically placed bee hives that not only provide a safe haven for bees but also contribute to the overall ecological balance of the region. By fostering the growth of bee populations, we aspire to play a vital role in sustaining the biodiversity of our local environment. Our project is not just about installing bee hives; it’s a comprehensive commitment to conservation. Our passionate team of employees is actively engaged in safeguarding these hives.

The honey collected from the hives is then sold in our showroom in Harare and the proceeds from this go towards supporting and expanding the bee project within our forests.

The Tree Project

Pride of Africa has just embarked on a journey of educating and encouraging the youth to protect our environment. This project will work to plant fruit and shade trees in and around our local schools and public areas, as well as educating our youth on the importance of environmental awareness and sustainability.

The ambitious scope of this initiative extends far beyond the mere act of tree planting. It is a multifaceted endeavour designed to empower our youth with knowledge, instilling a deep-rooted appreciation for the environment, and equip them with the tools they need to be environmental pioneers. Through engaging educational programs, workshops, and interactive sessions, Pride of Africa seeks to provide the younger generation with a comprehensive understanding of the interconnectedness between human actions and the health of our planet.

Nkayi Orphanage

Nkayi Orphanage is a place that is very close to the hearts of the employees at Pride of Africa. The children in the orphanage have sadly all lost their parents to HIV and AIDS however they are looked after and loved by their wonderful carers.

The orphanage is funded through the sale of firewood from our factory in Harare where 100% of the proceeds from the firewood go to their well being.The Muslim community has also been amazingly generous in donating to the orphanage resulting in every child having their very own bicycle, soccer ball and pair of croc shoes.

Pride of Africa ensures that every child is educated and now run a program by which every child from the orphanage that finishes school is guaranteed a job at our timber mill.