Measure Your Floor Like a Pro

How to Measure a Floor

Are you wondering how to measure a floor? This blog is here to help you!

Calculating the amount of flooring packs you will need for a room is a surprisingly easy task. You will need to know two things, the m2 of your room and the pack size of your chosen flooring. It’s important to know that all floors have different pack sizes so the amount of packs you need will depend on which floor you have chosen. In this guide we show a step-by-step of how to calculate how many packs you need.

1. Measure the width of your room

Using a tape measure, extend it from one wall to the wall opposite. Take a note of this number in meters, this is the width of your room.

2. Measure the length of your room

Measure the other two parallel walls in your room also using a tape measure. Note this number down in meters, this is the length of your room.

3. Multiply the length of your room by the width

Multiply the length by the width of your room. To ensure there are no errors, use a calculator to do this. This is the size of your room in square meters.

4. Add 10% to account for any errors

Add 10% to the figure calculated in step 3 to use as wastage. This will account for any errors that can be made when laying flooring. This will ensure you have enough flooring to complete your room without having to order more or leave your floor unfinished while waiting for the additional packs to arrive. As oak is a natural product our flooring will differ slightly from pack to pack, therefore this step is essential for a consistent colour. This is number is the m2 of flooring required.


Width x Length: 4m x 7m = 28m

Add 10%: 28 x 1.1 = 30.8m

How much flooring you need: 30.8m2


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